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Here in this section of Health and Fitness, we bring you a proper dieting plan and share a basic tips and techniques to lose your weight and lose belly fats.

Weight loss: 5 healthy egg recipes to lose belly fat 0

5 healthy egg recipes to lose belly fat

Eating an egg on a weight loss diet means losing weight without making the body weak or depriving it of the required nutrition. New Delhi: Proteins are very important for a weight loss diet....

How to control obesity 0

How to control obesity?

As we continue to modernize our lifestyles — riding instead of walking, working in a cubicle instead of in a field, playing iPods instead of sports — more people are becoming overweight and, worse,...

Best fiber foods for weight loss 0

Best Diet to Help You Lose Belly Fat

Whether you’re dealing with endless bloating or you just can’t make your middle look the way you want it to, your diet really does matter. What you put into your body affects more than...

10 Benefits of Restorative Yoga 0

The 10 Benefits of Restorative Yoga

No matter your age or fitness level, restorative yoga can benefit you. This style of yoga focuses on relaxation using props to support the body. A session leaves you feeling rested and at peace....