ACCA to support the revival of small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs in Pakistan

ACCA to support revival of small businesses in Pakistan

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Accountants) has joined forces with Kamayi to support small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs with their current cash flow management challenges and help them with their future-readiness by offering free-of-cost professional expertise.

Limited resources and financial muscle restrict SMEs from allocating funds towards long-term planning and professional development of their workforce. To help small businesses overcome this limitation, ACCA has joined Kamayi to offer free-of-cost professional help to SMEs and micro-entrepreneurs across Pakistan.

‘It’s clear that many small businesses in Pakistan have been in survival mode but working alongside experienced accountants will allow SMEs to find some support and advice on finding innovative solutions, which may remove some of that pressure, as we all look to help the economy grow again in 2021.’ – Sajjeed Aslam, head of ACCA Pakistan

‘ACCA and its members are fully committed to supporting the country’s businesses. Through this initiative, SMEs that are in desperate need for professional support will get exclusive access to world-class training and capacity building programmes offered by experts at ACCA.’ This is one of the numerous recent initiatives by ACCA that aim to ensure SMEs get access to professional advice and can strategize for sustainable growth by positioning their businesses as per the changing dynamics and future needs of the economy and pave a road to a swift recovery through the crisis.

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