I would like to make the perfect breakfast for my parents

I would cook pancakes with scrambled eggs and hash browns

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Traditional “American Breakfast” a plate with pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns and a mug of coffee.

Yes, definitely, without a doubt!

Why do I say that, you may ask? Imagine a scenario when you are living alone, all food deliveries have shut down and you have to make yourself a meal. Yet you don’t know how to do so. You can’t call a friend or family member to prepare any food for you. The best way is to equip yourself and start doing it early.

When you are living independently, it’s an essential life skill to have. The stereotype that only girls should know how to cook no longer holds good. Irrespective of gender, today’s youth needs to know how to cook.

Especially today, with youth aspiring to be entrepreneurs, they should be able to tackle tasks like basic cooking for themselves. Imagine having to manage the responsibility of your own business but being dependent on someone every time hunger strikes you!

Learning to cook helps prepare us for the future, even at a young age. Though you may know how to reheat frozen food, it is not enough. Or healthy. Food prepared at home is the best, it has all the nutrients we need to stay healthy and so we can grow. How does gender matter?

One day, I would like to make the perfect breakfast for my parents. Pancakes with scrambled eggs and hash browns. My parents, and I’m sure your parents do it too – make sure their child is happy with their meal and provide the nutrients that make you grow. I have always wanted to surprise them with a meal as a gesture of gratitude and thanks. It’s still a work in progress but I have the scrambled eggs down pat and am working my way towards the pancakes and hash browns.

If you haven’t attempted learning this important life skill yet, there’s still time. It will be a great way to utilise part of your summer vacations too. Now, what are you waiting for?

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