OLX auto inspection service introduced for car sellers and buyers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

OLX Auto inspection service introduced in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Islamabad, December 8, 2020: OLX, Pakistan’s number one online marketplace, has introduced its auto inspection service under the ‘OLX Autos’ umbrella to facilitate car sellers and buyers residing in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Under the OLX auto inspection service, formerly known as CarPro, a detailed car inspection is carried out supported by a comprehensive post-inspection report which accurately indicates the current condition of the used vehicle.

The OLX auto inspection service saves time and adds confidence for the buyer and seller to carry out the intended transaction without facing any unnecessary hassle or risks that are typically associated with the sale and purchase of used vehicles. The service is also very convenient to avail of since the inspection can also be carried out at the customer’s doorstep. The inspection is usually conducted by an expert team of certified inspectors using top of the line equipment. The 200+ checkpoint inspection includes a detailed analysis of the body, chrome, signs of accident or any physical damage to any part, rust or corrosion, engine and suspension issues, mismatching paint, body scratches, dents, and other imperfections. The report also consists of a test drive followed by a physical inspection of tires, wheels, instrumentation, interior, and much more.

“Booking an on-site vehicle inspection has never been simpler and more convenient. With a considerable base of satisfied customers in Lahore and Karachi, we have further expanded our vehicle inspection service footprint while facilitating used car sellers and buyers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad to enjoy a hassle-free, comprehensively conducted and trusted service in the convenience of their homes” saidFarhanNaweed, Country Head of OLX Autos.

The expansion of OLX auto inspection service in Rawalpindi and Islamabad is a testament to the fact that OLX is committed to facilitating its customers all across the major cities in Pakistan with innovative, convenient, and reliable solutions.

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