Panasonic launches premium wiring devices in Pakistan

Panasonic launches premium wiring devices in Pakistan

Panasonic wiring devices are designed to offer luxurious design, a wide range of colour combinations, and the highest level of safety and quality


Panasonic Life Solutions Middle East & Africa (PLSMEA), a subsidiary of Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) has unveiled its high-quality wiring devices for the Pakistan market. Panasonic’s wiring devices including switches & sockets from SIMPLUS range, LED lighting, and door phone systems are now available with Ecolux Electrical Co across the country.

Solutions under the segment complement the brand’s comprehensive range of innovative solutions for the construction sector and are uniquely designed for both commercial and residential use.

Panasonic’s wiring devices have three key features – Better Design, Safety, and Quality of Product. Panasonic switches & sockets offer the highest level of reliability and the high current-carrying part is made of fire retardant Urea resin material to offer safe operation at all times. Another key highlight of the wiring devices segment is the brand’s superior LED products that offer long operational life and a wide range of options.

Based on industry reports, Pakistan’s construction industry has been growing steadily due to friendly regulations and substantial investment in the country’s infrastructure development. The country is expected to initiate construction related projects worth over PKR 400 billion by the last quarter of 2020. Given these trends, Panasonic, with its industry-leading solutions, is expected to gain a stronger foothold in the local construction market.

Eiji Ito – General Manager – Middle East Sales Department, PLSMEA said, “With the country investing in higher-quality infrastructure, there is a need for sustainable and eco-friendly technologies to support upcoming projects. Panasonic, with our continuous technical development process, is committed to meet this growing demand. Our high-quality wiring devices are specially designed to offer ease of installation for solution providers, and the highest level of safety to the users. We hope to carry the same level of momentum into our future offerings.”

Key features and advantages

Panasonic SIMPLUS switches & sockets are designed to resist colour fading, scratch-resistant, and fire retardant.

  • Made of a material that resists colour fading even when constantly exposed to room light or sunlight
  • The highly durable material is scratch-resistant when brushed by fingernails or a key
  • Fireproof urea resin is used (excluding certain items) for parts that conduct a large amount of current to prevent the spreading of flames in case of an electrical accident
  • Available in elegant & sophisticated design concept, smoothly contoured and light to touch.

LED lighting devices offer longer life unmatched quality

  • Panasonic provides a consistent glare-free light output and premium quality led lights
  • The high-quality material used for LED lighting is light, safe, and comfortable and enjoys a longer life.
  • The all-round in-depth approach adopted for lighting assures you impeccable quality, unmatched style, and carefully crafted lighting for all your needs.

Panasonic Door Video Phone systems are easy to install and offer multiple benefits

  • With a 7-inch widescreen, it is an easy-to-see clear picture
  • Voice changing feature function makes woman’s voice sounds (higher keys) like a man’s (lower keys)
  • Records pics up to 400 Pic / 50 visitors, (8 still images per visitor)
  • Allows the user to check visitors and respond using their device (smartphone) from anywhere in their home.

Panasonic’s Switches & Sockets, LED lighting & Door Video Phone are available across Pakistan, to know more about products visit:

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