Parwaaz, HBL, and IBP to train Cybersecurity specialists to secure Pakistan’s financial sector

Parwaaz, HBL and IBP to train Cybersecurity specialists to secure Pakistan’s financial sector

Karachi, April 12, 2021– Parwaaz, HBL, and Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP) signed a Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC) to develop a skilling program for Parwaaz’s financial services incubator. The incubator will equip current and aspiring bankers with skills to become cybersecurity specialists.

The MoC was signed by Mr. Jawad Khan, Country Head Parwaaz and CEO Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF); Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO – HBL and Mr. Mansur-Ur- Rehman Khan, CEO – IBP.

Jawad Khan, Country Head Parwaaz and CEO- PSDF (sitting on the right), Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO – HBL (sitting in the center), and Mansur-Ur-Rehman Khan, CEO – IBP (sitting on the left) signing the MoC on behalf of their organizations.

This tripartite partnership is a crucial step in closing the national skills gap. PSDF, through the Parwaaz platform, will fund the development of the training program, manage the training delivery, and harness its vast network to engage relevant financial institutes to create job opportunities for the graduates. HBL will lead the identification of banking professionals who are apt for this training and the bank will also offer job placements to selected graduates. IBP’s role is to select cybersecurity subject experts and develop a course curriculum with support from HBL for the training. IBP will mobilize applicants for training, conduct pre and post-assessment of the training on graduate’s expertise, and facilitate them in accessing employment opportunities in the financial services sector.

During the MoC signing Country Head Parwaaz, Mr. Jawad said, “Cybersecurity is a fast-growing specialization globally and as the financial world digitizes, it is a highly sought-after area of expertise for current and upcoming professionals in the banking sector. This is the first time that certification in cybersecurity is being developed and offered in Pakistan. Parwaaz is championing the global skills agenda and is focused on making our youth future-ready for careers in Pakistan and the international market”.

Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb, President &CEO – HBL and Co-chair of Parwaaz, said, “Pakistan’s digital transformation journey must be backed by a highly-skilled workforce that can safeguard our digital assets. HBL is committed to Pakistan’s economic growth and social uplift. Through this partnership, HBL will help develop and execute a robust training program for the Parwaaz skills incubator participants in the important field of cybersecurity while creating further employment opportunities in the country.”

Mr. Mansur-Ur- Rehman Khan (CEO- IBP), also highlighted the importance of this step, “This initiative led by Parwaaz and PSDF in collaboration with HBL is a milestone in the field of information risk management. The certification program on Cybersecurity Specialist is the first of its kind to identify, develop and assess key knowledge areas. I am proud that IBP will play a part in this and ensure that our future bankers are adequately skilled.”

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