Systems & Salesflo Join Hands to Disrupt the $100 Billion Retail Industry

Systems & Salesflo Join Hands to Disrupt the $100 Billion Retail Industry

KARACHI: Salesflo (Retailistan Pvt. Ltd) started the retail digitization journey for Pakistan in 2015 with the launch of Pakistan’s first cloud-enabled Sales and Distribution platform. Since its inception, Salesflo has onboarded more than 40 enterprises FMCG, Pharma & Distribution companies representing close to Rs.400 billion in annual transacted goods (Roughly 1% of Pakistan’s GDP).

Salesflo, through its continuous digitization, has laid down the rails for the entire Information, Financial and Physical Supply Chain of Pakistan allowing efficient access to over 300,000 retailers across Pakistan.

To further accelerate the digital retail transformation, Pakistan’s premier B2B e-commerce platform (Jugnu) was launched to empower more than a million small businesses to directly procure from manufacturers and improve their financial inclusion.

Jugnu operates as one of the most advanced B2B e-commerce technology platforms in the world with a complete eco-system having state-of-the-art fulfillment centers, optimized routing & vehicle load management to an AI-enabled CRM platform that delivers a world-class customer experience.

Today, Jugnu is one of the fastest-growing B2B platforms with a mission to empower a million small businesses in Pakistan by 2023. With this pre-seed raise of Rs.500 million, the Jugnu team seems to be more prepared than ever to make a mark and transform the retail distribution segment which is estimated to account for $100 billion in annual transacted goods. Furthermore, the collaboration between Jugnu, Systems, and OneLoad will enable financial inclusion for millions of small businesses that form the backbone of the Pakistan economy.

The team behind Salesflo, Jugnu, and Systems stands for Pakistan and is well-positioned to transform the retail and economic outlook of the country.


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