Ufone connects people across borders through economical International Direct Dialing bundles

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Islamabad, 30 March 2020: Staying connected with your loved ones has become extremely important for people today as they are unable to meet family and friends in person due to the threat of Coronavirus. This need increases much more if your family lives far away or in another country. In order to connect loved ones across borders and ensure seamless communication, Pakistani telecom operator Ufone has offered the most economical bundle for the international market.

The bundle allows discounted calls on landline & mobile of  China, USA & Canada whereas discounts are also offered on landline numbers in Australia, Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Germany, and the UK.

Three different packages are being offered to customers in this regard. The first package gives 120 IDD minutes for 14 days in PKR 100+Tax. In order to activate, the customer needs to send SMS with Sub to 711. The second package offers 60 IDD minutes for 7 days in PKR 50+Tax. In order to activate, the customer needs to send SMS with Sub to 712. Whereas, the third package gives 10 IDD minutes for the same day in PKR 10+ Tax. And to activate this the customer needs to dial *2244#

The economical packages offered by Ufone will help to reduce distances between people and will enable smooth communication. After the Corona outbreak, the Pakistani telecom operator has introduced many such products and packages which facilitate the masses and help reduce their worries. As a socially responsible organization, Ufone advises all its customers to adopt preventive measures against Coronavirus. These include washing hands thoroughly and often, with soap, for 20 seconds, avoid shaking hands, especially with those who appear to be ill, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible, disinfect shared surfaces, such as doorknobs, bathroom taps, or tabletops, stay home when you are sick and maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from any individual. By adopting basic protective measures we can keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

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