Nationalism, History, and Culture Take Centre Stage at the Young Leaders Conference- YLC Dedicates the Second day to Pakistan!

YLC Dedicates the Second day to Pakistan!

The 19th Young Leaders Conference running in full swing at the Dreamworld resort in Karachi had a special takeaway for the youngsters from its second day. Shireen Naqvi, Founder of SoL & YLC was the day champ for this day. The day’s theme, revolving around History, Culture, and Narratives shed light on what is the ideology behind Jinnah’s Pakistan.

The day began with the mandatory SOPs check that has been significant at this year’s YLC. The second day was dedicated to taking a stroll down the memory lane of Pakistan, for in order to appreciate the present it is important to have an understanding of the past. Various activities, lectures, and workshops were arranged on the importance of arts, culture, and literature, and to allow a deeper understanding of Pakistan’s 73 years and evolution in the past.

Due to the current situation, few speakers were not able to come to the conference physically but that didn’t stop them from joining YLC. This year, YLC had 3 zoom sessions with MR. Javed Jabbar, MR. Raza Rumi, and Dr. Arfa Syeda Zehra. The participants have equally involved in these sessions same as they were in the physical sessions. The spirit, the energy, and the madness of YLC can never die, no matter what the circumstances are.

Mr. Javed Jabbar speaking to the conference.
Raza Rumi speaking to the conference.

Aamina Sayyid conducted a beautiful session on the importance of Literature to interpret the power and impact of word, art, and culture.

The day also had an alluring theatre play by Sheema Kirmani and group, the theatre was based on a short love story “Love, longing and Death” The performance was a combination of live music, dance, poetry, and dialogue. Furthermore, Dr. Adil Omer had a conversation with the Participants on Stigmatization and Stereotyping that is associated with artists from all walks of life, how in the masses they are treated and called out as “Miraasi” hence the youth today needs to be told that beauty of this word and how this word shouldn’t be used as a stigma.

Waqar Ali, Master Trainer and CEO at SoL conducted a session on self-love, and how do we really know ourselves? The session helped the participants to get to know themselves better. Along the way, the session also helped the participants to discover why getting to know each aspect of yourself inside out is important.

This day also included cultural night, all the participants dressed up and got to represent their cultures at YLC, and it was a beautiful buffet of cultures, languages, and colours. The day ended with powerful performances by the participants on Sufism and mysticism in Sindh.

This year’s conference is being held under strict conditions – with careful observations of the venue, participants, as well as the SOPs. The event has been organized with thorough preparations on the part of the organizing committee, in light of the safety and health concerns of all present.

The event has been sponsored and partnered by YLC’s Founding Partner English Biscuit Manufacturers, and Cause Partners FNF, as well as KIA Motors, British Council, Marie Stopes Society, KFC, Viper, Hubco, IBEX. The Jang Group is the official media partner, Suno FM 89.4 as the Official Radio Partner for the conference while Double Click Pvt Ltd. is serving as the PR partner.

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